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In Deep Dark Wood

In A Deep Dark Wood intertwines shadow play, interactive video installations and a thrilling fusion of contemporary dance and acrobatics.

Planet of the Beetlebuns

A magical interactive experience for under fives and their families. Hop onto our carpet and watch how digital characters and objects start to react to your every move.

Once Upon a Pigeon

A surprising interactive video installation for a shop window display, using object mapping, tracking and storytelling to explore local history through the lens of an urban pigeon. Currently in development

Dance with me

Larger scale multi projection installation where audiences can choreograph dancers and add themselves into the choreography. Currently in development

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Playful interactive video installation and performances

gobbledegook creates playful and playable interactive video installations and performances. We develop our work in close collaboration with nurseries, schools, community groups, scientists and other experts. The company was founded in 2009 by artists Frauke Franz and Sean Westgate and collaborates with choreographers, dancers, visual artists, designers and technologists. gobbledegook has been selected to become an arts supplier for The Royal Botanical Gardens Kew.


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Frauke Franz

Artistic Director / Dramaturg
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Sean Westgate

Technical Director / Interaction Designer
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Joanna Rawlinson

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Olivia Quayle

Dancer / Choreographer (In A Deep Dark Wood)
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Mark Melville

composer / sound designer (In A Deep Dark Wood, The Incredible Workshop of Aurelia Shadwiddle)
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Laurence Short (Lanz)

interactive video programmer (In A Deep Dark Wood, The Incredible Workshop of Aurelia Shadwiddle)
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Sandra Harnish-Lacey

choreographer (In A Deep Dark Wood)
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Alexandra Walker

Designer (The Incredible Workshop of Aurelia Shadwiddle, Once Upon a Pigeon)
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Sebastien Braun

Designer (Planet of the Beetlebuns)
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Alisdair McGregor

sound designer (Planet of the Beetlebuns)
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Steve Tiplady

shadow adviser (In A Deep Dark Wood)
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James Valpy

video technician (Planet of the Beetlebuns)

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